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Read Scamnation! Fraud is on the rise. Protect yourself from the latest tricks. Consumer Reports.Org October 2012 cover article and protect yourself from many more scams.
File a Complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry! The number must be registered 31 days before the scam call. REGISTER NOW! 888-382-1222
Email one Phishing Report to all three,,
Dial *57 to send a call trace to law enforcement after FRAUDULENT, DATA-MINING and SCAMMERs calls. Remember to follow-up and file a formal police report.
1-877-792-2873 Drug Enforcement Agency Report Extortion Scam or DEA impersonator.
FBI Report Scammers claiming to represent law enforcement or officers of the court.
FCC Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau - Report Do-Not-Call, Wireless spam, and any Calls or messages to residential lines, business lines, wireless devices, emergency lines, patient rooms, and toll-free numbers.
FTC is 877-382-4357 form 1088ban on Robo-Calls. Small Win.

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2012 Unwanted Telephone Calls Log - Q1

DNC - Why the National Do-Not-Call List is BROKEN! It was designed to be easily cracked, it leaks to start with, and skims more scum than a yellow-jacket wasp over a stagnant slimy mosquito swamp.

The U.S. Federal Government could have protected our privacy and our unpublished telephone numbers. If their system was designed to accept the telephone lists from compliant telemarketers, then filter that list for a small fee - returning only the numbers which were not blocked, some of those numbers would still remain unpublished. Using that method, it would still be possible for the unscrupulous telemarketer to determine which of their numbers they had previously collected were on the DNC by comparing the original with the results and flagging their original records which didn't return as DNC.
But the DNC collects all the numbers which citizens insist not be harassed and PUBLISHES ALL OF THEM in one huge list! For a small fee, anyone in the world can obtain the target rich collection of the numbers not to be bothered. They don't even need ONE telephone line to do it!
Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) facilitates setting up an offshore boiler-room filled with obsolete e-waste PCs, English speaking agents and loading the latest DNC list into Dial IT Skype/ for Sage ACT! CallCenter, connect it to a power mains electric outlet and a wide-band internet connection they can skirt and scoff our laws and extradition by merely skirting our borders.

They ALREADY KNOW you are on the National Do-Not-Call-List!


They are violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule which states that the National Do Not Call Registry Web site ( is solely for use by organizations required to comply with the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission's amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR Part 310, or the Federal Communications Commission's Rules and Regulations Implementing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, 47 CFR Section 64.1200; as well as organizations otherwise accessing the National Registry solely to prevent telephone calls to telephone numbers in the National Registry.


* Offending spam/scam which have yet to be logged, asterix being a convenient reminder mark to go back and make entries.

Stupidhead paralegal research details: on Political Opinions of America WARNING! DO NOT VISIT!, who have become our new special friend of Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner. They get special treatment, serve them royally, with a subpoena. Their attorney is Law Office of Joseph W. Sanscrainte, 1120 Avenue of the Americas Suite 4188 New York, NY 10036 Office: 212-626-6934 Cell: 516-841-6535 Email:
"Political Survey" is their excuse to circumvent the National Do Not Call regulations. Call type: Scammers/Fraudsters
Buster PhishingScam received this Robo-call: "Hello this is John from Political Opinions of America, you have been carefully selected to participate in a short 30 second research survey and for participating you will a free 2 day cruise for 2 people to the Bahamas courtesy of one of our supporters. Gratuities and a small Port Tax will apply[$185]. To begin the survey please press one now, to decline the survey and be removed from our list, press 9" or other lies claiming to be your telephone company, a variety of home improvement contractors, MicroSoft computer virus repair (who will NEVER telephone about your equipment), or offering a free gift card.

Here is the truth! Hard Sell of Condo-timeshare! There are actually TWO SCAMS here, the initial cold-call canvassers who get paid by reserving your "free vacation +$185 port fees" on a CREDIT CARD number. Then on your cruise from hell (Caribbean Cruise Line, 2419 E Commercial Blvd., Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 - DBA Celebration Cruise Line, LLC.) while the high pressure vacation rental condominium sales crew trap you in marketing prison with a chance of drowning, they have the opportunity to loot your vacant home and spend spree on your credit card.
              Priceless    or    worthless?
            Awesome    or    awful?
           Vacation    or    vacant?
      These PO America
    SCAM artists
   SPOOF CallerID to
  FRAUD DataMine Phishing for ANY personal information!
 HANG UP! If you say "hello" and hear nothing - disconnect then dial *57.
Protect yourself! SAY NOTHING! 2 second silence is recorded to gather intelligence on you. All data is saved in their database and used to pry more from you the next time they call. And they WILL call again. Answer no questions. Don't dial a menu choice! DON'T EVEN VERIFY YOUR NAME! Tell them NOTHING! Just disconnect (hang-up) and then dial *57.
If you feel compelled to speak, repeat only this:
"Do not call. We are registered on the national do not call list. Each violation will be prosecuted at $500 penalty. DO NOT CALL!" then disconnect and
*57 [DIAL star five-seven] to send a call trace to law enforcement.
Remember to follow-up and file a formal police report. Before the malicious call, you may need to subscribe to Malicious Caller Identification service from your telephone provider to activate the trace.

The FIRST TRICK "Can I ask you to verify your name?" They already know your name, address and, obviously, phone number - they did their homework first. Using Dial IT Skype for Sage ACT! to collect your personal data and filling in as much of your record as they could by searching online resources before they ever called you the first time. By asking you to verify your name, they are actually tricking you into saying an affirmative word, such as "Yes", "That's right", "I am" et cetera. Each call is entirely recorded, including the outgoing message portion and as much information they can get from the background sound at your location is collected entered and saved in their scamming database. If you prosecute, they will edit your spoken affirmation appended to "May we establish a business relationship?" You may be trapped as a receptionist and prevented from disconnecting on the spot, even though you know you should hang-up immediately. They might start the call with a variety of questions such as "May we talk to the business owner?" Respond with "And you are?" Insist they identify themselves - collect callers name, who they represent, their telephone number, email and website. Legitimate callers will provide that information gladly, scammers balk and hang-up. Legitimate callers will provide their name and who they represent at the beginning of the call without prompting, according to natural protocol. But don't fall for saying "yes" or even "uh-huh".

RED FLAG! Another trick to appear legitimate is a regurgitated RSS newsfeed on the main page, which is the only valid information PO America presents on their website. Nowhere on the site is there a telephone number or address or even a way to engage their services. To convince you, the sucker, that they are legitimate they have a professional looking website, but the entire site is a scam to collect more leads to be placed on their lists, because by submitting any form, you are "establishing a business relationship."

DON'T CALL BACK! That would "establish a business relationship" and instead of being removed from their call list, you are indeed validating that a human ear is responding to the Turing Test and placed permanently ON their SUCKERS LIST.
Anyone in the response center will claim to be Ann or John from Political Opinions of America or other lies. If you contact them or respond in any way, such as "Take us off your list" by opting-out online or by dialing 1, 2 or 9 during the call you are "establishing a business relationship". If you call them back and ask to be removed from their list you will speak to any number of people who claim to be either Ann or John from Political Opinions of America, and you then are guaranteed to be removed from their "not-in-service" list AND VALIDATED ON ALL THEIR OTHERS!
Among the *Unlisted or Unregistered numbers* they abuse:
202-599-8470 202-599-8480 202-599-8502 202-599-8535 202-599-8630 202-644-8398 202-644-8497 212-626-6934 213-289-9006 213-550-3070 253-382-9031 253-382-9076 253-382-9912 253-753-9039 312-273-9060 312-273-9325 360-474-3924 425-658-8952 425-658-8994 480-535-5818 480-535-5930 484-483-5222 502-468-5198 502-632-4414 502-632-4428 502-873-0246 503-457-1194 503-468-5012 503-468-5198 503-468-5935 503-468-5986 503-902-8103 503-902-8479 516-841-6535 702-745-4811 800-417-9257 802-552-8012 802-922-9756 917-217-9562 954-567-9353 971-220-1118 971-220-1183 971-220-1262 971-220-1779 971-229-1183
Also see:

Scammers: Rachael & Cardholder Services Buster PhishingScam received this Robo-call: ''Hello, this is Rachel from Cardholder Services. We're calling to inform you about an issue with your credit card. There is no problems with your card, but we wanted to notify you that you now qualify for a lower interest rate. Please press 1 to speak with a live representative to lower your credit card interest rate now!'' or ''Hello, this is Michelle with cardholder services, calling in reference to your current credit card accounts. As a preferred customer, you are now eligible for interest rates as low as 6.9 percent on all of your credit card accounts. It is urgent that you contact us today, since your eligibility expires shortly. Please consider this your final notice. Please press 9 on your phone now to speak to a live operator and lower your interest rate, or press 8 to discontinue further notices.'' or ''…contact us concerning your eligibility for lowering your interest rates as little as 6.9 percent. Your eligibility expires shortly so please shit or visit by our notice. Press the number 3 to discontinue further notices. Plus press the number 1 on your phone now to speak with a live operator and lower your interest rate. Thank you. Have a great day.''
Contact information from the car warranties & "Rachael from Cardholder Services." scams, et cetera:
Mark Burton (possibly a fake name)
PHL International
836 S Military Trail,
Deerfield Beach, FL

Their parent company is
Ran David Barnea, owner
American Debt Negotiators, AKA; Intercorp Services Inc, & Alloy Global Services
21955 Cypress Dr, Apt 48f,
Boca Raton, FL.
SBN Peripherals, Inc., and Repo, B.V.
Owners JohanHendrik Smit Duyzeritkunst, Janneke Bakker-Smit Duyzentkunst
3230 Cornell Road, Agora, California 91301
Go to the FTC and search for any/all of these
Please File a complaint with FTC 1-877-382-4357

They have and on-going investigation
Numbers they abuse:
213-289-9006 303-217-1074 402-206-7411 407-454-9999 503-563-0989 759-000-1535 909-374-9789 971-217-9515 971-373-2989
Also See:

! Solution: Google Voice lone stranger replies to Lucy Dorney
27 Apr 2012
to explain a rational solution to scammers/spammers and annoying/harassing phone calls.

I was using TeleZapper[Wikipedia] a device which would make the three-tone intercept error sound Special Information Tone[Wikipedia] which precedes the number changed or disconnected error messages in the phone company circuitry. I was practiced at repeating "We're sorry, the number you dialed is not in service, and there is no new number." then flashing the switchhook so the tones would play again - then rinse and repeat until the line cleared. It was only semi-effective at removing my number from the lists of spammer/scammers, but the problem was that I still had to waste my time pursuing the goal. When I had to move, the next lucky owner received far fewer spam/scam calls, and I was then unable to benefit from all the work I did. TeleZapper[official site] was the best technology for the task at the time. Google Voice now provides a better solution.

lone stranger replies to Lucy Dorney
27 Apr 2012


Let me offer a suggestion for getting these creeps out of your life. I am going to assume that you have both a landline phone and a cell phone. If you only have one or the other, let me know.

First, sign up for a free Google Voice account. Be sure to choose the option to have Google Voice automatically block known spammers. [Settings(gears), Calls tab, Global Spam Filtering (at the bottom), √ 'Send calls and text messages from numbers identified as spam by Google directly to the Spam folder.'] Following the links on the web page, set Google Voice to be the voice mail for your cell phone (you will have to dial some codes on your phone). Set Google Voice to send you a text message and/or email when you have a message. Now, use call forwarding on your landline phone to forward all calls to Google Voice. At this point, if someone calls your home phone, the call will go through Google Voice, and end up either at your voice mail, or, if blocked, at a disconnected line message. Some spam calls will be automatically blocked, others you will have to block manually on the web site. At this point you will be able to eliminate spam callers from your landline. Other callers will get voicemail, and you will be notified by SMS or email.

Now, go into the contacts on Google Voice, and set up a group for those folks you always want to get through. Enter in their names and numbers. Assign them to be forwarded to your cell phone when they call. Now important callers will ring through straight to your cell phone when they call the house.

Now for cell phone pests. Assign unwanted callers to your phone's contact list, with "zzz" in front of the name, like "zzzRotten B@st@rds". If your phone supports it, assign them a ring tone of "silent". If not, use a ring tone creator to create a "1 second of silence" ring tone, and assign that to them. If you can't do that, then just use the least annoying ring tone, and know to ignore that one. When a blocked spammer calls, let the call roll over to voice mail. Google will give them a line disconnected message. If you happen to miss a legitimate call, Google will take a message, and send you an email or text message to notify you of the call.

At this point, friends and family will get through, but blocked callers will not. And all for free!

I know this may seem a little complicated, but it is easier to do than it is to explain. I hope this helps.

Good Luck.

"Annoying/harassing phone calls from
Tell 'em Jack Schist sent ya!"